Solar Powered Battery Storage


How does Battery Backup work?

Solar battery backups or backup power systems were traditionally designed and installed in off-grid applications where grid power was out of inaccessible. Nowadays, in most cases, consumers who install solar systems also must install a battery backup in case the grid shuts down.

Most people presume that after having a solar system installed, they will be secure during power outages and blackouts. Unfortunately, this is not the case. During any power outage or blackout, your solar system will automatically shut down. This shutdown is for the safety of the linemen (utility technicians) while they work to restore the power in your area.

Batter Backup Power Available During Outages

However, with battery backup storage, the overproduction from your solar system will be stored in the backup battery and can be used to power your home or business during power outages and blackouts. For residential homes, the battery is usually installed in the garage, and for commercial buildings, in a designated enclosed area.

The backup battery can be crucial for powering a refrigerator, electric stoves, computers or any other electrical devices directly from the electrical outlets.

The details about Coupling (Connecting DC/AC)

An AC-coupled battery backup is the connection of the battery system to the solar system by way of AC (alternating current) power. The power is then generated as DC (direct current) power, which is then turned into AC by the solar inverter. In actuality, DC-coupled battery use what is commonly referred to as a hybrid inverter, meaning both the solar system and the battery are connected to the same inverter.

Most solar systems are grid tied. This means there is a constant interchange of energy between the grid and the produced energy from your solar system.

Typically, the excess energy produced will be transmitted back into the grid, at which point you will be credited for the amount of kWh transmitted. This transmission and energy transaction is called net metering, which we talk about on our website. In a way, when the utility grid shuts down, the accumulated energy of the solar first flows to the battery through the charge controller and subsequently to your desired area by way of the battery-based inverter (transformer).

At Imperial Solar, we understand how important it is to be protected in these rare yet critical circumstances. We provide our battery backup design and installation for a range of energy capacities. Our team of engineers will perform an extensive energy analysis to make sure the designed battery backup fits your specific energy needs. Please ask your energy consultant for the terms and conditions.

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