Fact About Industrial Solar

With the utility rates rising every year, solar power has become one of the most effective solutions to the cost of energy. This is obvious in the residential and commercial sectors.

But how about Utility Scale Solar?

Utility scale solar is on its way to being the main source of energy in the world. A detailed study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that by 2025, solar installations will supply most of the world’s 50% energy demand. This is a staggering number. These types of utility scale installations are on the rise; statistics estimate that over 30% of the world’s large utility providers are looking into alternative energy. Another prediction by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) is that the use of utility-scale solar installations increased at an average rate of 72% a year between 2010 and 2016, faster than any other form of power generation.

There is a multi-megawatt of cumulative solar capacity operating in the country, and about half of that is from utility scale solar installations. Larger solar installations are advantageous because of their vast collection surfaces. Large solar plants are also practically maintenance free, compared to coal burning facilities which require much more manpower and material to produce electricity.

Clean Energy

Solar plants which generate multi-megawatts of power now offset about 5% of all utility-scale generating. As of the last quarter of 2018, there have been over 25 gigawatts of solar power installed in the US industrial sector, and this number is on the rise drastically. Although California has the most installed capacity of any state in the US, many states have implemented significant contributions and research on utility scale solar.

Our industrial, commercial, and agricultural clients gain significant operational advantages when converting to solar power. Numerous incentives subsidized by the US government make commercial applications a prime consideration in making cost-effective changes. These attractive incentives can reduce the cost of your solar project by 60% or more! By reducing operating expenses with solar power, your industrial commerce can maintain stronger profit margins. Plus, in addition to lowering your operating expenses, solar power can help insulate your operation from volatility in the power market.

At Imperial Solar, we specialize in designing solar systems for high-energy-demand facilities. Our expert engineering team has over a decade of experience in designing sophisticated, complex large-scale commercial solar systems and are dedicated to making sure each project is given the utmost attention and priority.

We believe the value of solar power in a volatile energy market is amazing. We also believe that solar should to be the ONLY method of energy, no matter the scale of the demand. Whether it’s an industrial, commercial, or residential area, solar has proven to be a friend to us all.

We are proud to be in an industry that focuses on keeping our plant clean and keeping a remarkable financial dividend.

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