In California, the cost of solar power has dropped significantly over the last few months while utility prices have skyrocketed and these price hikes will continue to go up in coming years. Solar power represents an effective opportunity for businesses and industries to directly reduce their energy prices. In this highly competitive world, businesses are facing the challenge of rising utility prices frequently. This is a problem that is only going to strengthen over the coming years due to the carbon tax, under-investment in electricity infrastructure and networks, rising fuel prices for generators.

Companies based in California have taken advantage of the government’s incentive programs when it comes to using commercial solar power panels to provide electricity to their businesses and properties. It is not just companies who have taken this to heart. There are now a growing number of household owners who want to have their own commercial solar power panels installed in their roofs and yards. Due to some benefits that include direct tax rebates, lower electricity bills, tax credits, and an increase in the value of your property, solar panels are one of the best investments that you can have at this time.

Studies and surveys have shown that the demand for solar energy, including commercial solar energy, has grown to about 30% per year over a 15-year span. And we do not have to wonder why. Solar energy is clean, and it is renewable.

One great feature of the commercial solar power is that it has low or no maintenance cost at all especially if no batteries are used. Once commercial solar power has been installed there are no recurring expenditures and will definitely last for a couple of decades. It operates silently, do not release any foul odor and need not to be moved from one place to another saving time and effort. If the need arises to install additional solar panels, it would be simple and easy. It does not require one to learn too many technicalities as it is very much easy to make use of.

Commercial solar power presents an opportunity for large, small businesses and individuals to reduce their ever increasing energy cost. It offers an option to offset much of your energy demand. Solar for business offers an alternative to high utility costs by allowing businesses and commercial property owners to produce their own power. A better quality commercial solar panels system will seamlessly work in with your existing energy supply from the grid. Each unit of power that your system produces will mean a unit less that you will require to buy from your power retailer. Nowadays, Californians may also be paid for any surplus power they feed back into the grid.

Further, there are now government schemes and initiatives in California designed specially to make the installation of panels affordable. The scheme is designed to earn extra income dependent on the amount of energy generated but not used and send back to the grid. The biggest benefit from this scheme is that it is guaranteed for 25 years at the rate you signed up for. There are tons of benefits too. In a time when there is an escalating pressure place on businesses to become an independent electricity generator so that there will be a reduction in carbon footprint, as well.

Setting up your very own commercial solar panels can lessen and even eliminate your experience to the never-ending increase in the electrify rates the following ways.


Cuts all operating expenses and saves time

A solar panel can create a huge difference in reducing a building’s electric bill. It’s just like saying that installation of a commercial solar panel into your establishment is relative to prepaying for fifty years of power at a portion of the cost you are paying currently.

In reality, you are actually paying more this time for your power consumption against what you will be paying for the solar energy. Recent trends in the value of petrol products show that it will persist to increase while switching to it will offer you greater savings.


Avail government rebates and other forms of incentives

A good number of states and local government presents an incredible financial incentive to those who would want to switch to using of renewable source of energy. These motivations can actually make an immense difference in the actual cost of a solar system.

In some places, there are additional perks and incentives to make solar even more within your means. For example, San Francisco offers a city rebate while the state of Oregon offers up to $6,000 in tax credits for over four years

A deduction of up to 30% to the total system cost over your federal taxes by the means of an investment tax credit is also permitted by the federal government

Long-Term Reliability & Low Maintenance Costs

Solar panels are known for reliability as they have the capacity to powers nearly operate for long periods of time with practically no maintenance. Once the commercial solar panels are installed, it only requires little or no maintenance particularly if no batteries were utilized.

The commercial solar cells involve a very modest amount of maintenance since they don’t have any moving parts that will need to be renovated or repaired.

It does not release an offensive smell; do not require any form of fuel. Installation is never an issue with solar panels as they are simple and easy to set up. No need to worry about wires as it is needed in the installation process.

They have the power to provide electricity that is clean without making any kind of noise for twenty-five to forty years. Majority of solar panels has a manufacturer warranty which ranges from 10- 30 years.


Clean and environment-friendly

The use of commercial solar panels which are powered by solar electric systems decreases the amount of local air pollution by a significant amount. Another great thing about solar power is that it offsets greenhouse gases. This is because no carbon dioxide or any other harmful element is produced by the photovoltaic system. One can do away with a total of 6 tons of carbon dioxide emission. It also helps in conserving energy.

In essence, commercial solar panels are valuable and helpful in many ways. It’s an investment you won’t regret.